Friday, June 7, 2013

Green Houndstooth

Helloooooooooo everyone... How do you do?? I hope all of you are great.
This is my photoshoot (again), taken by my friend.

dress by Alfinaafi_boutique (Instagram)
Photographer by Frismana

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hijab Style part 8

taraaaaaa...... hijab tutorial agaaainn.. I love the way she use her hijab, from Natasha Farani. Her hijabs are simple and pretty. Today I share it to you, guys. If wanna see more, you can check her youtube "Natasha Farani".

This is it.....

How ?? simple and easy, right ? keep beautiful with hijab ;)

Student exchange

First, it was truly unexpected that happened to me. Student exchange like answer one of my dreams. yeaahh.. I left Indonesia to studied. Where?? not too far, in Malaysia. Precisely, at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UPM (University Putra Malaysia).

Actually, I studied there about 5 months ago, August 2012 and I just posted on my blog today.. hahaaa... busy, busy like actress :p

This is the picture of faculty

The pictures are from google because when I was there. I was study in hospital not in class. The rule is "not allowed" to take a picture. So, I didn't bring camera.

I learned so much in there. despite, I studied there not for long time. I just be grateful, God hear me. I wish I can study abroad again w/ new experience, knowledges and friends. ( pray : Paris or somewhere in Europe.. Amiinnn!!! :D )

This is the "point" :
you know guys? Now I believe that never stop dreaming about what do you want. Perhaps, it takes long time, long years to make it true. But believe, someday it'll become true ! ;)

(look below of pict.) Behind me is college dorm :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tribal Fever

tribal..emmm.what"s tribal ? I just know, tribal is picture with many shapes in lines. right ?? ;p
yaaahh, this year almost shirt, skirt, legging, and scarf/shawl/pashmina w/ TRIBAL. wooooww..
And I wore it too.

shawl yellow tribal. I used it when I went to college. not too bad right ? I love this shawl :D
This is my pict. w/ shawl tribal. How's yours ? ;)

Friday, June 29, 2012

What a Beautiful Gift !

Follow me, count from 14 to 18. okee??
14................... fourteen
15................... fifteen
16................... sixteen
17................... seventeen
18................... eighteen

YEEESSS.. 18. June, 18th 1990 I was born in this world. To see many things in this world. To deal with this world.
Hello 22. Now I am 22nd years old. I just wanna say thank you so much to my family, my boyfie, my bf and all friends for remembering my Birthday and all the wishes. It really means a lot.

And the most beautiful gift is I passed my thesis. Fantastic !
"God, make all my dreams come true. Aamiin " ;)

I Passed

yeeeaaaaayyyyy... *yelling so loudly* guess what ???
I passed my thesis on 14th June 2012.
Oooh.. June, it's been a super duper busy month. But, thanks God I could through it all. :D

Behind me, I have amazing people. Because of them I could finished it. When I was down, my family, my boyfriend and my bestfriends always supported me, never bored. How grateful I am. I'm so lucky having and knowing you all. yaaahh, because their motivated... I kept finished my thesis until passed.

And because this thesis, it makes me dissapear for a while from blogger. It's been long time not posting something here, right ? hehee..
Now, I am back. I've many stories that I wanna share in here. *hug*

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When they practiced

LiFeLo brought a song from SMASH-I Heart You w/ pop-jazz version

check it out and leave your comments ;))
Thank you guys..
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